Allie Sports Bra

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The Allie Sports Bra Pattern includes several features to keep you supported during your favorite activities. At the same time, the pattern is dressy enough to wear as a cool top while bicycling, running, jogging, walking, or during aerobic exercise of all kinds. The front zipper makes the top easy to get on and off and the pre-formed foam cups keep chafing seams away from the breast area. Customers use any solid coloured or printed spandex fabric as the outer layer for the ultimate in stylish ath-leisure wear. Sizes A-K (Bust 30″-50″)

The Allie Sports Bra has 4 views for the front. We offer a solid colour V-front with zipper, plus a colour blocked v-front. Then (because so many of you wanted a pullover sports bra) we added a scoop neck pullover in both solid colour and a scoop neck with colour blocking. There are two different back options as well – a racer back option and a scoop back option. Either back option can be used with any of the front options.

The Allie Sports bra has an exclusive foam cup template to make positioning the foam cups a breeze! Trace the foam cup template right onto the front of your traced pattern. That horseshoe-shaped template is the cutting line for the foam cup. Once the fabric cut and the hole is cut for the cup, you simply place the foam cup on the table “hump” side up, then lay the lining of the sports bra over top. Pin all around and stitch it in place with a zig-zag or three-step zig-zag stitch. It’s that easy! No more guessing where the cup should sit!

Required Materials:

0.6 m (24”) of Main Stretch fabric with 50-75% stretch for the cover, such as nylon and spandex blends or polyester and spandex blends
0.6 m (24”) power net for lining
For View B & D only – 0.3 m (12”) of contrast colour (optional)
1.1 m (45”) 1.5” plush waistband elastic
2.3 m (90”) of 3/8” fold-over elastic for edges
For view A & B only – 1 separating zipper 25 cm (10” long) – it will be cut to length (we carry a great brand!)
1 small strip of fusible interfacing for behind zipper
One pair pre-formed foam cups (horseshoe-shape) as indicated:

Size A fits Full Bust measuring 30” (75 cm)  – usually takes #12 bra cups
Size B fits Full Bust measuring 32” (80 cm)  – usually takes #14 bra cups
Size C fits Full Bust measuring 34” (85 cm)  – usually takes #16 bra cups
Size D fits Full Bust measuring 36” (90 cm)  – usually takes #18 bra cups
Size E fits Full Bust measuring 38” (95 cm)  – usually takes #20 bra cups
Size F fits Full Bust measuring 40” (100 cm)  – usually takes #22 bra cups
Size G fits Full Bust measuring 42” (105 cm)  – usually takes #24 bra cups
Size H fits Full Bust measuring 44” (110 cm)  – usually takes #26 Bra cups
Size I fits Full Bust measuring 46” (115 cm)  – usually takes #28 Bra cups
Size J fits Full Bust measuring 48” (120 cm)  – usually takes #30 bra cups
Size K fits Full Bust measuring 50” (125 m)  – usually takes #32 bra cups

Please note:
Do not use your bra band size as the size of this pattern. Please measure your full bust and use the size indicated by that measurement.
If your bra size is larger than a C cup, you may take one or two sizes larger bra cups. All sizes of MQ style cups will fit on any size of this pattern.
If your bra size is smaller than C cup, you may take one size smaller bra cups.