Anita and Amelia Foam Cup Pattern *Original*

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***These are the original BMS patterns. You will receive two different envelopes with each pattern separated out. Price is reflected to show that the pattern is older.


The Anita Amelia Foam Cup Bra Pattern is the second pattern of its kind in the world! Yes, you CAN make your own seamless cup t-shirt bras using our Angled Foam cups (MA series) or the Push-up Angled Foam cups (MP series).

Our foam cup pattern is uniquely sized so that the size of the foam cup determines the size of the pattern you will use. Once you have your foam cup, choose the pattern size accordingly – measure your rib cage and you are ready to go! Complete size range from cup size 32 (32B) through to cup size 52 (42E) are included in one envelope.

The Anita Amelia Foam Cup Bra Pattern includes 2 unique bra styles to choose from in one envelope. Anita with all lace cups or the Amelia with all fabric cups. Both views feature a lace frame and this is no ordinary lace frame! The lace appears to curl around the base of the cup. It is pure Bra Magic!

Pattern is bilingual, English and French.

International customers please review our shipping policies prior to ordering.

Required Materials:

All Sizes
Amelia – .3 m of very stretchy fabric  to cover the cups
Anita – 1 m of stretch lace at least 6”- 8” wide

All Sizes also require:
.3 m of Duoplex or stable fabric for the frame and the straps
1.5 m of ⅜“ (9 mm) plush-back elastic for the top band
1 m of underwire casing
1 set of underwires in your size
1 bow embellishment for the front (optional)
1 pair foam cups in your size

Sizes 32 to 40 also need
1 m of ½“ (12 mm) plush-back elastic for the bottom band
.5 m of ½”or ⅝”  (12-15 mm) strap elastic for the back straps
1 set of ½”or ⅝“ (12-15 mm) sliders and rings
hook and eye for the back – 2 hooks high

Sizes 42 to 52 also need
1.2 m of 3/4“ (18 mm) plush-back elastic for the bottom band
.5 m of ⅝” or ¾”strap elastic for the back straps
1 set of ⅝” or ¾” (15-18 mm) sliders and rings for the strap adjusters
hook and eye for the back – 3 hooks high