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Boob Camp 2016 - Recap


Well, Boob Camp has come and gone, and a good time was had by all! Here is a recap of the classes that happened during the week. 

Boob Camp was held at the DoubleTree Suites in downtown Salt Lake City. The hotel allowed us to come in the day before camp started to start setting up. The special events team took good care of us, and had many of the tables set up already. We all had a little giggle when we saw our sign up in front of the conference room. In fact, several of the male guests of the hotel all took pictures of the sign!


Back of the class room.

Front of the class room.

Set up was easy with the help of the special events staff. They were very receptive of our needs and rearranged/added tables and chairs as we needed. We we were able to leave and enjoy a nice dinner together before classed started the next day.

Monday - Day 1: Powerbars, Pockets, Slings & Collars

Our first class, bright and early, was Powerbars, Pockets, Slings & Collars. During this class, the students learned how to incorporate extra support and tricks into pushing the breasts up forward and center. During the morning, the class worked on powerbars and in the afternoon began looking at slings and collars. We actually ran out of time, and pushed the pockets for mastectomies to another class. Later on in the evening, Beverly held all the fitting sessions for the students. She tweaked each of their patterns so that the students would have a well fitting bra for themselves.

Tuesday - Day 2: Cut & Sew Foam

After an intense day, today the students were making bras out of cut and sew foam. Using their newly perfected patterns from Beverly, the girls started cutting out their foam cups and putting them together. Beverly covered all the tricks in making a perfect foam bra, without using a pre-formed foam cups. 


Class Supplies.


Beverly also brought samples of some of her finished cut & sew foam projects. These were very inspiring to the students in class. 

Wednesday - Day 3: Perfect Panties

Today the students had a break from making bras. Instead, they made panties! Beverly taught the girls how to make the perfect pair of panties using their measurements and drafting their own patterns. Once they all had their patterns finished, they started cutting their fabrics, and made their first pair of panties. After that, they learned how this pattern could be changed to make boy shorts, tangas and other styles of underwear. Beverly even demonstrated a "Brazilian Scrunch!"

The students were able to choose between organic cotton jersey and bamboo for their pair of perfect panties.


Beverly demo'ed animal print panties for the class. 


Later that evening, we had a special dinner event where Beverly gave a talk about how she started in this industry. There were some hilarious tales of bullet bras, little sisters and thongs gone wrong!

Thursday - Day 4: Style Changes

In this class, Beverly covered several different ways to make changes to your bras. Some examples include changing your full band bra pattern to a long line bra pattern, a horizontal cup seam to a vertical cup seam and adding more cups to a cup pattern. The students made several types of modifications in class including recreating styles similar to the Freya cup and going from a horizontal seam to a vertical seam. Class lecture also included which seam styles work better with each bust size. 

Friday - Day 5: Finishing School

Today was the final class and the students were pushing through hard until the end. They learned how to sew a gothic arch, as well as a pretty multi strapped should strap that could hold up even bigger breast sizes. Fold over elastic was covered as well as how to do lace covered bridge on a partial band bra. We finished right on time today, as I think most of the students wanted time to pack up all their supplies and go over last minute questions with Beverly.

All in all, it was an intense, sewing filled week, and we can't wait to put on another camp. We recently sent out a survey to the students to see what they liked and disliked about the camp, as well as any other suggestions they have on how to make the camp even better for the next year. The students also asked that we have Beverly come out for another specialized class for the next session so that they could get even more experience on fitting. (I think we'd better let Beverly get some rest first!)

This summer I will start working with Beverly on dates for camps next year and will start advertising them as well. If you have any questions or have a camp you'd like us to consider, please let us know!

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