iDye Poly - Green

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iDye Poly with Color Intensifier

IDye Poly is a vibrant dye for polyester and nylon fabrics, poly/cotton blends, various plastics and other synthetic materials. It will dye most plastics, acrylics, vinyls and other synthetic materials, such as 3D printed objects, frisbee discs, wigs, buttons and more. It may also be used for sublimation transfer techniques.

Comes with:

*Dye - Net weight 49 oz/14 g

*Color Intensifier - Net Weight 47 fl oz/14 ml

How much can you dye with one packet?

One packet dyes 2-3 lbs (1 - 1.3 kg) of dry fabric.

Color shown is approximate, however, results may very with fabric type and composition.

For more instructions on using iDye Poly, please click here. If link doesn't work, here is the web link to cut and paste:

Caution: Please use all protective gear (eye wear, protective clothing, etc.) when dyeing fabrics.

Shipping: Can be shipped first class if ordering by itself. Just request first class when checking out.