Metal G-Hooks 3/4" (18 mm)

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Strong metal g-hooks for the backs of bikinis where you want the strength but not a large fastener. Package of 1. 

The Metal G-Hooks are made with real jewellery quality metal. No nickel is used. All of our Jewellery Quality Metal G-Hooks Gold Silver Plated are coated with a real gold or silver plating over a Zamac base (aluminium and zinc alloy). Zamac is far superior to a steel base, as it does not rust and it reflects the heat of the sun. The silver G-Hooks have an additional varnish coating to prevent tarnishing.




Sold by: single unit, package of 4 G-Hooks, bulk bag of 100 G-Hooks
Widths: ¾” (18 mm)
Finish: shiny
Content: gold or silver plating over Zamac base (aluminum/zinc alloy). Our silver G-Hooks are coated in an additional varnish to prevent tarnishing
Uses: bra straps, garter belts, corsets, merriwidows