Porcelynne Wide Flat Vertical Wires (Heavy Guage)

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Porcelynne's Exclusive Wide Flat Vertical Wires - Heavy Guage

THESE ARE NOT REPLACEMENT WIRES. This is a new style wire exclusive of Porcelynne. We developed this style to accommodate different shaped breasts. The size recommendations are based on feedback by customers. These are flatter on the bottoms by about 1" and more upright on the ends. These are nylon coated underwires. The colored ends indicate the center front of the bra.

Here is a video we created explaining a little about our vertical flat wires: An Introduction to Underwires and the New Vertical Flat Underwire

Sweet Cups Notes: This is a great wire for those of us with the "flat spot" underneath our breast. Instead of a regular U shaped breast, the flat spot makes the breasts shaped more like a flat bowl.

For more information, you can refer back to Porcelynne's website: https://porcelynne.com/lingerie-supplies/underwire-casing/wide-flat-vertical-underwire-heavy-gauge-wires


Wire SizesApproximate Wire LengthsApproximate Wire Widths
44 9 7/16"/240mm 5 3/4"
46 10 1/32"/255mm 6"
48 10 5/8"/270mm 6 1/2"
50 11 7/32"/285mm 6 3/4"
52 11 13/16"/300mm 7"
54 12 13/32"/315mm 7 1/2"
56 13"/330mm 7 3/4"
58 13 19/32"/345mm 8"
60 14 5/32"/360mm 8 1/4"
62 14 3/4"/375mm 8 1/2"
64 15 11/32"/390mm 9"