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Our owner's favorite fabric!

After many surgeries, our owner's skin had become covered in scar tissue and was very sensitive. Even duoplex had begun to irritate her skin and she could no longer use it. The hunt for a soft and strong fabric began. Luckily, we found this lovely simplex for her!

Soft, luxurious and oh so silky on the skin, you will love how this feels when you put it on. This simplex does have a small amount of stretch one way, and pulls back into shape very nicely. For added strength, use sheer cup lining. Our testers loved how soft the fabric was, and were happy with their finished project.


Material: 100% polyester and can be dyed.

Color: White only.

Width: 58"

Made in the U.S.A.


Sold by the half meter. (0.5 meters = 19.7 inches) That means if you select "1" when adding to your cart, you will receive one 0.5 m of fabric. 

This simplex is 58" wide. One half meter piece is 19.7" x 58".